PhD Position in Experimental Space Research

The Space Research and Planetology Division of the University of Bern is seeking a PhD student to join its Space Science Group.

The division participates in a large range of international space missions covering many planetary objects of the solar system. The open PhD position is for the ESA's JUICE mission to Jupiter and its icy moons. We are participating in the JUICE mission with a neutral gas and ion mass spectrometer (NIM) that is part of the particle environment package (PEP) experiment. NIM will measure the chemical composition of the atmospheres of Jupiter's icy moons: Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

To support the science phase of JUICE several tests, measurements, and calibrations have to be undertaken with the NIM flight spare instrument and the NIM ground reference instrument. This includes measurements with fast neutral beams, and low-energy ion beams emulating the measurement conditions in space. Measurement modes will have to be defined, operations will have to be planned, on the one hand based on modelling of the respective atmospheres and on the other hand considering the actual spacecraft trajectories in the Jupiter system. Existing test and calibration facilities will have to be adapted to the measurement needs.
We are looking for a talented and motivated person who enjoys experimental physics. Experience with electronics, measurement techniques, vacuum instrumentation, ion-optical simulation, and mass spectrometry would be of advantage but is not required. Work is within a large team at the University of Bern, and is connected to an international collaboration within the JUICE mission.
The position is available from 1 October 2022. Proficiency in spoken and written English is required, German language skills are an asset. Candidates with demonstrated experience in experimental work will be favoured. The salary is in accordance with the personnel regulations of the Canton of Bern. Please submit an application by 29 July 2022 as a single pdf file consisting of a cover letter in which you describe your motivation and qualifications for the position, a CV, list of your publications, and a list with names of three references.
Applicants should contact:
Prof. Dr. Peter Wurz
+41 31 684 44 26

Dr. Martina Föhn
+41 31 684 59 16